10 Easy Last Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

10 Easy Last Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

10 Easy Last Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

So, like most humans, I love Halloween. That being said I am not one of those plan your costume out for an entire month and spend tons of money. In fact, I love when I can spend as little as physically possible. I also feel that homemade/creative costumes are always the best. I stumbled on this video of easy makeup looks for Halloween and just loved the content! I thought maybe I could break down the products and what she’s doing a bit easier for everyone so that you can try at home without having to keep pausing a million times! This is meant to be educational, and provide commentary in my own words for all of you with that last-minute look 🙂

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1st Look- Skeleton

  • Use a foundation 2 shades lighter than your skin as well as concealer
  • Use clear brow gel to set brows
  • Use RCMA no color powder (or a white translucent) and heavily set your base
  • Use a black potted gel liner and a thicker liner brush to make heavier more dramatic brows than normal, think about overdrawing them like overdrawing your lips.
  • I love that she used this palette! This is the Makeup Revolution Light and Shade Palette and its one of my favs!! She starts with neutral brown before going warmer into red in the crease and lower lash line.
  • Take your same gel liner to use all over your lid and smoke it out all the way to the lower lash line. Just keep blending!! Smoky is what you are going for!
  • Tightline your lashes with a black crayon liner
  • Go back into your palette and use the black shade to smoke out the top of the black liner blending over the warm red in the crease to create depth
  • Option to draw little “Mean” lines at the start of your brow going straight through the side of the bridge of your nose.
  • With Liquid liner, She used NYX epic ink liner, draw what looks like an upside-down tooth shape on your nose, or a teardrop but with two points instead of one. Set in place with powder
  • Take the black gel pot liner and make a harsh contour line where the cheekbones sit and then shade this out with black eyeshadow, kind of a sharp smoky contour.
  • Then shade your temples and down your neck wherever clothes wont cover you to make you appear ashy
  • Use the liquid liner to draw fake teeth on your lips and smudge some black eyeshadow and you are done! (adding a wig is a good look)

I Like this look because she used minimal products and still achieved something dramatic. You could make your outfit really simple or really sexy and both would pair well with this one!

2nd Look-Sexy Kitten

  • Apply your base normally in your normal foundation and concealer shades.
  • Do some normal contouring using a warmish tone bronzer, I like physicians formula. Also, do brows as normal basically start with a normal face without eyes.
  • Start with a dark-toned grey eyeshadow to deepen the crease and gradually mix in some black, adding that all over the lid and down to the lower lash line. Smoky is good! She also pulls the shadow up a bit in the lower lash line to sort of accentuate the cat eye and she pulls shadow up and out in the outer corners.
  • Tightline with black liner and add lots of mascara
  • Take a light shade of shadow and put that in the inner corner right above your overdrawn lower lash line to make a pronounced cat-eye look
  • To make a cat mouth draw an upside-down triangle nose with a slight dip in the center and then draw a line straight down to your mouth like cats jowls. Put little dots close to your inner cheek and make a few whiskers.
  • Use a black lipstick on the upper lip and overline it with black liner
  • Add cat ears and Voila

So I have definitely down a Halloween costume like this, animal ears are so easy to grab from Walgreens and you can just wear some cheetah print and your set. I love that she drew the upper lip black that is a touch I would have never thought of and it totally pulls it all together!

3rd Look -Scary Ass Clown

  • Paint face with either white face paint or a super-light foundation include your lips and ears and cover your brows
  • Take your potted gel liner and line your lids and lower lash line, aim for a very rounded shape a bit higher than your actual crease and accentuate your lower lash line. Tightline with black liner. Set with black eyeshadow
  • Take your felt tip and draw a Skeleton nose just like in the previous skeleton look and shade your brows in the same way.
  • Draw these spikes that are straight sharp lines from your forehead through the center of your brows into the eye makeup and down. Set with black and then shade down a bit as if your makeup was crying. Use black mascara.
  • The mouth can be a challenge but essentially start on your lower cheek, and overdraw your lips massively trying to keep some of your lip’s natural shape, you will be making teeth on your actual lips so pretend that’s your open mouth.
  • Draw teeth where your actual teeth are under your lips but elongate them a bit
  • Draw in your fake lips with a matte red lip. Take a black liner to sharpen the lines.

This one is a tad creepy and I feel mildly challenging for those who want to try a more horror makeup look! I like again that she barely needed any materials except that liquid liner to create a dramatic look!

4th Look- Cute Coachella Vibes Unicorn

  • Do your base again as normal and set your face
  • She uses the Ultimate Brights eyeshadow palette from Nyx but any very colorful pallet would work. Take a light lilac shade and contour lightly into the hollow of your cheeks and up towards your temples. Then go in with a fuscia shade and deepen in your cheeks and forehead.
  • Take a peachy coral shade of shadow into your crease almost up to your brow bone, then with the same lilac pack that all over the crease.
  • Take turquoise shadow and line the lower lash line and tight line your eyes with a white shadow to make your eyes appear larger
  • Use a very holographic highlighter in this look and throw it in your inner corner as a highlight and then highlight your cheeks, cupids bow, nose, and brow bone. Go VERY heavy-handed with highlight! It is the time for glow.
  • Add Mascara, if I were doing this look I think False eyelashes would work well here.
  • Use a jewel in the center of your forehead
  • Make ombre lips by using a dark purple to line and a light lilac shade in the center
  • use a sparkly clear gloss to blend your ombre together
  • Add Unicorn ears and a horn!

I love how this look could be used for a few things. If you went to a festival or EDC this could be super cute, but this is also a family-friendly makeup look if you want to hand out candy in your neighborhood. This one requires a lot of bright makeup so you may need to go grab a new pallette if you don’t have one on hand.

5th Look- Spider Lashes Vampy Queen Look

  • Do base as normal, or for more of a Vamp look go lighter!
  • Do a heavy contour on your cheekbones to give some sharpness
  • Find a burgundy colored shadow (You could go back to that shade and light palette in a pinch) and place it in the crease and lower lash line. Pack black onto the lid and sheer it out
  • Make spidery lashes, again I feel wispy thick fake lashes would work super well in this look she maybe just doesn’t use them a lot!
  • Use matte black liquid lipstick on the lips
  • In the corners of your eyes start drawing lines outward from your eye and then connect them with curved lines like spider webs
  • finish with black lip gloss if available.

This one is really fun and doable in my opinion. Maybe as a work costume so you aren’t uncomfortable all day but you can still participate in Halloween! With a cute black dress, this would also be great for going out.

6th Look- Sexy Devil

  • Paint your face and neck red! And set the whole thing with powder
  • Contour with dark brown or black and apply that all over your lid and crease as well as the lower lash line.
  • Line your eye and make a dramatic wing, add mascara or falsies.
  • Draw on black brows with eyeliner
  • Use black liquid lipstick on your lips
  • Add horns

I feel like absolutely anyone could do this look but I think she pulls this off mostly because she’s gorgeous. I think if I attempted this one I would look silly. Also, that paint may stain!!!

7th Look- Creepy Ventriloquist Doll

  • Make your base one shade lighter than normal
  • Contour harshly in a deep blush tone, then take a lighter pink and heavily apply it to the apples of your cheeks.
  • Take a matte brown shade to the crease of your eyes
  • Tightline with a white pencil but then pull it down onto your lower lash line as well to overdraw your eyes
  • Fill in your lips with baby pink
  • Draw two mouth lines down the corners of your mouth to your chin
  • Again add a ton of mascara or big doll-like falsies. On the bottom lashes be careful to only do the tips to not ruin the illusion
  • create faux freckles with a brow pencil
  • Add ponytails and a bow

This is another super easy one and needed only the basics you have at home. This one is creepy without trying too hard I think it’s perfect for a last-minute creepy costume.

8th Look- Pop Art Cartoon

  • Do your base as normal
  • With a felt liner you are going to outline your face, but be sure to pull it in a bit to where your face is a bit flatter to create a lack of dimension. Start at your chin and move up your jaw and forehead then create a contour in your cheeks and a line down your nose.
  • Overdraw your brows in black and be very dramatic with them, make them arched and thick.
  • Wing out your eyes and put a small line in the crease
  • Put matte Red liquid lipstick on your lips, and then add some pop art dots on the side of your face to look like a comic book strip
  • add tons of mascara and outline lips in black
  • Add a few tears and add a shine to the lips by taking a white liquid liner and drawing a square on the corner of the lips.

So this is probably my favorite that she did as it looks the most challenging to recreate and was also super hard to explain in bullet points! Make sure to watch what she does closely and use a super pigmented black liner. Thick lines are key for this look. This would be so cute with a pinup outfit!

9th Look- Sexy Werewolf

  • She starts with a normal base again
  • do a Warm contour and then darken it a lot with super dark brown shadow
  • Add a widows peak and darken the bottom of your nose with the same brown
  • Spike up the brows and fill them in with a thin pencil and stick it up and make them look more wild
  • Fill in lips with a pale brown nude
  • Smoke out your lower lash line with dark brown and then add in brown and start to smoke that onto your lid creating a winged shape out from the lash line up. Make this as dark as you like
  • Fill in the Waterline with black and add heavy mascara
  • Take the black shadow and harshen the contour even more
  • Add some wolf fangs!

Wow, this one is super different and really pretty but without trying too hard! You could add brown ears and a tail and have a really cool costume for a party. She only uses black and browns here so I feel the eyeshadow palette I mentioned earlier would work here!

10th Look- Easy Vampire

  • Normal base, contour with dark grey
  • Use light brown in the crease and then add a reddish-brown to deepen and add to the lower lash line and lid
  • Work a cool-toned brown into the crease and lash line to make your eyes sunken. Tightline with black liner. Use black mascara
  • Over arch your brows
  • Use black and deep brown liquid lips to make an ombre lip
  • Add fangs
  • Make blood by dripping red liquid lips dripping down your chin

This one is very easy and a little standard but I think if you didn’t have a lot of time or your group wanted to do all the monsters you could recreate this one easy. It would be super sexy with a leather jumpsuit!

Did you guys enjoy the video? She is so creative! I hope my bullet points helped and this gave you some inspiration for us last minute gals!

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