Amazing New Drugstore Makeup Products – Fall 2019

Amazing New Drugstore Makeup Products – Fall 2019

Amazing New Drugstore Makeup Products – Fall 2019

Fall is a great time for makeup launches! Summer is ending so we all start wearing a little more on our faces now that it won’t sweat off. I know I just now am starting looking into more full coverage foundations and warm blushes to go into that cooler season. I found some new products to try and decided to leave the best here for you!

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1. Makeup Obsession Pore Blurring Primer

Shop Now: Target

I went perusing through Target and discovered a new line of products! Makeup Obsession, which had a lot of eyeshadows and more. However I felt a lot of the line was a big miss for me, I did love this primer! This is a silicone primer much like our OG Smashbox primer. However, it has this pretty pinkish hue that left my face also looking more brightened and healthy while it reduced pores. Normally you can only choose between glow and smoothing power in a primer but this one had both!!


2. Cover Girl True Blend Matte Made Foundation

Shop Now: Amazon

So who else is just loving the new Cover Girl packaging? It looks so clean and upscale now. I tried this foundation out because I was curious about the claims of it being transfer-proof and it definitely was! I didn’t see any on the collar of my shirts. One thing that also stood out is that this does not look cakey at all. Sometimes matte foundations feel dry or heavy on me but this one is like your skin but better. I have been not into dewy skin as much coming into cooler months so this is such a good new find.


3. Flower Petal Pout Lip Mask

Shop Now: Ulta

I have been eyeing those Laneige overpriced lip balms for months and I was about to bite the bullet until I saw someone mention these on youtube! Ahh, game changer! Flower is such a fantastic line its so consistent in its quality and these hydrating balms look beautiful and do make my lips feel so nice. I like the pigmented options they have to leave a sheer balmy your lips but better look. You need to try these!!


4. Catrice x Eman Blush Palette

Shop Now: Ulta

It’s so exciting to see an influencer collab with a brand as affordable and great as Catrice. I love love this palette its become an everyday use product for me. The brighter coral orangeish toned blushes pair so well with all the fall colors I’ve been wearing and I like doing a monochromatic look and putting these on my eyelid as well! The glowy blush in this palette is also absolutely stunning and radiant.


5. Pixi x Rachhloves The Layers Highlight Palette

Shop Now: Target

OMG I love Rachhloves. I also love Pixi. This is the best! This is another face palette that I use as double duty. The deepest shade in this palette is too deep for my skin tone but works so amazing as an eyeshadow that I am thrilled it’s there especially when I want to travel with fewer products. Pixi highlighters are always stand out and amazing and I like that you can sample a variety of tones in this palette, she has some wearable everyday shades but also a stunning standout icy blue which will be just gorgeous for going-out looks.


6. Elf Ultra Precise Brow Pencil

Shop Now: Ulta

I have talked about the amazing $2.oo brow pencil from ELF previously but this one is another great option for those who are looking for an Anastasia Brow Wiz type product. It has a much slimmer tip and is great for creating individual hair strokes. If you have smaller brows or just are obsessed with a micro pencil give this one a shot you cannot beat this price point.


7. NYX Modern Dreamer Palette

Shop Now: Ulta

This palette seems a bit pricey but there are 40 shades in this palette so the price per shadow is great. I always like NYX shadows and these were no exception. I think the makeup world is suddenly coming out with a lot of new bright palettes as a sign that the makeup lovers are getting more bold with our looks! I hope we go full 80’s and bring back blue shadow up to the brow bones! Lol, For now, I will say I like how this palette is set up it has some sense as far as a neutral area, a more mauvey area, and then pops of color throughout to go bolder.


8. L.A. Girl Volumatic Mascara

Shop Now: Amazon

I think mascara is one of those products I tend to try all kinds of new ones and switch it up. This one is very legit it does give me some volume and fluffy length. I also am loving the black-brown shade specifically as I am loving the warmer natural look of browns on my lashes.


9. Maybelline Super Stay Ink Crayon

Shop Now: Amazon

I am glad that the trend of the liquid lipstick is fading, I never found them comfortable or easy to use. However, I do love a long-wearing lip product and this pencil reminds me of the Nars lip Crayons. I am loving the shades and the formula of these. They last forever and the built-in sharpener is genius.


I almost have a full face of new drugstore makeup here for you guys, and I hope you like some of my new suggestions. I am going to be trying a lot of new looks here in fall so I will post a lot of new reviews soon!

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