Top 10 Best Drugstore Makeup Under $6.00

Top 10 Best Drugstore Makeup Under $6.00

Have I told you guys how much I love drugstore makeup that performs amazing? I feel like I have just by all my drugstore posts lately! I wanted to delve even deeper into the affordable makeup game and find things under five dollars that I think seem like they cost so much more. To do this I found some of my favorite super affordable brands and looked into all of their collections. Here were some of the standouts!

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1. Wet N Wild High Shine Liquid Catsuit

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These are relatively new but as soon as they launched I snagged one of these up! The liquid lipstick of the same name was known for performing as well as high end and these glosses are telling the same story! They are fully pigmented and easy to apply, non-sticky but thick in formula. These also don’t stray from your lip line and are a long-wearing gloss.

2. Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow

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Colour Pop is one of those brands where you either know and love them or are maybe not as familiar. They are now in Ulta and Sephora and thank goodness for that! These little potted shadows are better than a Mac shadow in my opinion. They are perfect as an all-over lid color for a one shadow look and they blend beautifully with super-strong pigment.

3. Essence Lash Princess Mascara

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We mentioned this one previously on Drugstore Makeup You Must Try and well mention it again! You need to try this mascara. It performs better than some of the high-end brands and is known for being amazing for almost everybody. Mascara can be so personal so its rare to see so many YouTubers saying how much they love this one. The entire Essence mascara line is consistently good so check out some of the other products as well!

4. Ardell Double Ups

Shop Now: Ulta

If you like wearing falsies than you know about Ardell, but my new obsession is these Double-Ups. They took the concept of putting on two pairs of lashes for more drama and made it all in one product. I love how flexible and easy the band is with these lashes but still packs a huge punch of volume.

5. Wet N Wild Photofocus concealer

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It is no secret the photo focus line from WNW is a huge win. However, I don’t hear as much about the awesome concealer they have out with this line! The packaging makes me think there is no way it’s under $5.00 but it is! It applies so nice and creamy and has full pigment. It was easy to blend and stayed all day. Paired up with the loose powder we mentioned in our Loose Powders post it is a perfectly affordable way to look airbrushed.

6. Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Quad

 Shop Now: Amazon

I cannot believe I haven’t mentioned these yet! My favorite eyeshadow palette of all time is the Walking on Eggshells palette. This may surprise some of you but honestly, as soon as these were reformulated and added a matte crease shade I only use this palette pretty much daily as a work look. All of these palettes are amazing. The pigment and quality of WNW shadows is well known in the beauty community and probably my favorite eyeshadow formula period. These are so affordable and easy to use it is something everyone needs to try.

7. ELF Instant Lift Brow Pencil

Shop Now: Ulta

So I used this product in our Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit and I still say this is the only brow product I will use. It works better than the Benefit pencils I have tried and that says a lot because they are known for their brow products. I seriously stake my career as a beauty blogger on how much I love this pencil. You will love it!

8. ELF Mist and Set

Shop Now: Ulta

Another awesome product from ELF. Setting sprays seem to be a more expensive step to makeup and they are something I go through a ton of. I loved this one as soon as I tried it. It is a very simple setting spray with no bells and whistles but I felt my makeup blended together beautifully and this did help the longevity of my makeup. One of the best and cheapest drugstore setting sprays I have found.

9. Essence Make Me Brow

Shop Now: Ulta

Move over Gimme Brow! This is so obviously a dupe product and honestly, they nailed it. In fact, I actually prefer this brow gel over the gimme brow. Both give pigment and help fullness in your brows, but I found this one a bit easier to control and it didn’t grab onto every stray hair like the benefit. It takes a few more swipes but I also feel like this doesn’t dry down as hard and unnatural. If you love brow gels try out this one!

10. Essence Pure Nude Highlighter

Shop Now: Amazon

This is considered one of those most holy grail highlights and it’s easy to see why. This product gives that natural glow from within gleam that we all want. Its a soft champagne sort of color and I feel like this is one you could use if you were younger or more mature and it would work really well in the day time or the evening. It really is a can’t go wrong highlight. I had to finish the list with a really strong product!

Looking back this was actually so so easy! I found products I loved from several well-known brands and honestly I can’t believe we all spend what we do on products when there are these fantastic ones out there waiting to save us money! I hope you love something on this list as much as I do as I own every one of these products and use them consistently!

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