15 Las Vegas Travel Tips & Tricks

15 Las Vegas Travel Tips & Tricks

Here is a list of my top tips when going to Las Vegas:

  1. Always find the Uber Pickup instead of cabs they are much more expensive. Uber drop-offs will usually be in a parking garage in the hotel the app will show you where to go.
  2. You cannot just cross the street on Las Vegas Blvd. There are certain designated crosswalks or overwalks that you must use, the street is barricaded off in most sections and if caught crossing you will be ticketed.
  3. There is a completely free tram that connects Mandalay Bay, Luxor, and Excalibur and will drop you off right at New York, New York which saves your time and your feet.
  4. You can pack up to 5L of alcohol in your checked suitcase as long as they are unopened. We have packed 3 bottles of patron and two bottles of vodka wrapped in towels for one trip and did all of our pregaming in our hotel room. 
  5. Do not do the $20 dollar trick. This is the number one tip I see online all the time and I do not think its good advice. It is in the hotel’s best interest to give you what you want as their customer so by asking politely they will usually upgrade you if they are at all able to.  I have received better view rooms and early check-in and late check-out just by asking nicely when I check-in and then I will tip accordingly.
  6. Always charge all of your purchases to the room when you are spending on property. All of your meals, drinks, and sundries will go a long way to show the hotel you are spending with them and you will be more likely to get comps!!
  7. The free drinks in the casino are not what they used to be! The servers come around less often and when they do find you they can take a while to get back to you. If you do place an order with a server, slow down the bets on whatever machine you’re on because you can’t leave that spot and you don’t want to lose all your gambling money on a free drink! They do seem to come faster at table games in my experience. 
  8. Casino Royale is the only casino on the strip to offer $1 blackjack. The closest you will get to low table minimums will be during the day and sometimes at the cheaper hotels like Excalibur which has $5 tables during the day. 
  9. They make Pedialyte in powder form now. Great for traveling. Drink two packets in a bottle of water before bed or whenever you feel dehydrated. 
  10. Ladies are discouraged in the strip clubs. While other cities may be welcome to all clientele, in Vegas strip clubs are very much for the guys and girls will not be treated with great service here. Just my opinion but we didn’t feel like we were wanted there. 
  11. Even if you are comped your room you will still have to pay the resort fees. Which can go up to 40 dollars a night. 
  12. Everything is way farther apart than it looks, use your phone’s GPS to get a real idea of walking time you will be surprised how long it takes you to walk one mile. The strip isn’t a straight line and you have to wind and weave through casinos and up elevators and over walkways to get to your destination and sometimes it leads to a lot of walking!
  13. Do not touch the Mini Fridge! Literally! there are sensors on the fridge and also the trays that hold snacks on your mini bar, if you pick something up and then set it down you will be charged for that item. Don’t worry if you make this mistake the hotel can fix it for you if you go to the front desk. Happens to the best of us!
  14. Set a budget per day based on your spending cash so that you don’t blow your whole trip in one day. If you know you will be going to clubs, later on, go to the pool and relax and bring your room drinks with you so you don’t spend all your day’s allowance. 
  15. Pack Appropriately! Look for a future post on my ultimate packing list that will tell you everything you need for a long weekend in Vegas!

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