5 Best Keto Diet Low-Carb Desserts

5 Best Keto Diet Low-Carb Desserts

The Keto diet is a new way of looking at healthy eating. The idea of keeping sugars and carbs very low and focusing on fat to give fuel is the premise behind the diet. This can put your body into ketosis and cause your body to run more efficiently and lose weight. That said not eating sugar is very challenging and on this diet, I noticed my craving for sweet foods went through the roof! Luckily I was able to test out a few recipes for desserts that are totally keto-friendly to curb your sweet tooth!


1. KETO CARROT CAKE (Via RecommendedTips)

I love any kind of cake, but I have a special love for carrot cake. I think the reason this recipe works so well is that carrot cake already has a lot of fat in the ingredients and relies on lots of spices rather than just pure sugar for flavor. Using almond flour gives this cake a soft crumb but pecans give some texture and crunch.  4.9g of carbs, 8g of protein, and 295 calories per slice.



2. RED VELVET CUPCAKES (Via LivBreatheKeto)

Let’s stay on the cake train for a moment, if carrot cake isn’t your favorite then how about the much-hyped red velvet? If you notice both of these cakes usually have a cream cheese frosting, this is a much more keto-friendly frosting to dupe because the texture is coming from cream cheese and we can use sweeteners in place of sugar. This cake once again utilizes almond flour. I particularly love how red and vibrant these come out you have no idea you are eating healthy! Net Carbs 2.2g, 7.3g Protein, 263 calories per cupcake.


3. KETO SNICKERS (Via Hungry For Inspiration)

Ok, let’s move on to something very important. Candy! Not having any candy in your diet is super tough on anyone especially if you are a huge sweet tooth! Snickers is one of the worst offenders to any diet, they are loaded with calories and sugar and have no actual health benefit to you. This Keto version is not a health food either. However, with using a high-quality dark chocolate you are gaining antioxidant benefits and heart health! Some studies suggest that dark chocolate can boost metabolism. So Score!b 6.5g net carbs, 6g protein, 295 calories for one bar.



4. KETO Chocolate Frosty Ice Cream! (Via Low Carb Crave)

No ice cream maker required! This easy ice cream treat is great for Keto because the main calories come from heavy cream which is entirely fat and one of the main requirements you need for energy in place of carbs. This one only has four ingredients! and only needs to freeze for 45 minutes to have a yummy treat! I couldn’t find anything for nutrition on their website but from calculating it myself, one-fourth of the recipe is 7g net carbs, .5g protein, and 315 calories.




WOW. That is all I am going to say about these. I saved the best dessert for last, but I may be biased I adore Brownies. Once again we call upon almond flour for texture I just find this to always be the most consistent substitute for regular flour. 3.9 g net carbs, 3g protein, 151 calories for one square. You could totally eat two of these guys!


Honestly, Desserts are some of the better things you can do with Keto because sugar-free sweeteners are plentiful. If you try one of these out please makes sure to comment and tell us how they worked out for you!

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