9 Luxury Fashion Brand Accessory Dupes

9 Luxury Fashion Brand Accessory Dupes

Does anyone remember that show the look for less? Where they basically made someone look super high end for a much lower price? That’s basically my motto in life. I do not like paying insane prices just because something has a logo on it, but I do love the look of designer brands. I have found some really great high-end dupes that you can get for a much lower price!

In this post I have several designer dupes that include, accessories, purses, and jewelry that all look like the real deal but for a fraction of the price. I found dupes for including Valentino Cartier, Burberry, and more!

One other note I would like to make is that some people feel designer dupes are dishonest or immoral, and I see why they have an issue. If an item is an exact copy where someone could potentially scam someone into thinking its the real deal then yes I feel that is a bad thing. For these dupes I choose items that look extremely similar, but none of them claim to be the real thing and most have slight differences so no one could be lied to.

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Designer Jewelry Dupes

Cartier Love Ring Vs. Michance Love Ring

Price: $1,650.00 Price: $11.99
Shop Now: Cartier Shop Now: Amazon


I adore the look of this ring, but I don’t need to pay that kind of price for such a small piece of jewelry! This dupe is made of Titanium and reviews are positive. The ring won’t tarnish or look cheap. It looks a tad thicker than the original but once it’s on your finger no way anyone would be able to tell the difference!

Cartier Love Bracelet Vs. Drink Comfort Love Bracelet

Price: $6,300.00 Price: $16.99
Shop Now: Cartier Shop Now: Amazon


Once I found the Dupe for the ring the bracelet was not far behind! This one actually has the small screwdriver to lock in place just like the real thing and its again made out of quality titanium. The two of these together will really look stylish!

Chanel Star and Moon Earrings Vs. Luxury Sun and Moon Earrings

Price: $1075.00 Price: $10.99
Shop Now: Chanel Shop Now: Amazon


These gorgeous earrings make a big statement and would be perfect for a night out! I can’t believe I found a dupe so quickly for earrings that are this season!


Designer Shoe Dupes

Valentino Rock Stud Jelly Sandal Vs. Mtzyoa Women Bow Pearls Flip-Flops

Price: $425.00 Price: $16.99
Shop Now: Nordstrom Shop Now: Amazon


These sandals are crazy popular on Youtube right now and dupes are everywhere! These come in several colors and considering how quickly shoes can get worn out these are an excellent dupe to have on a vacation and feel extra.

Valentino Rockstud Pump Vs. Wild Diva Women’s Pointy Toe Gold Stud

Price: $995.00 Price: $22.99
Shop Now: Valentino Shop Now: Amazon


I love these shoes. They are just gorgeous and make such a statement and the dupe is such a dead ringer! These nude pumps with a cocktail dress would look stunning.


Designer Accessories

Burberry Scarf  Vs. Plum Feathers Super Soft Luxurious Scarf

Price: $470.00 Price: $14.99
Shop Now: Burberry Shop Now: Amazon


Burberry is such a recognizable brand and one that people dupe really often. I personally could never pay so much for a scarf so finding a cute dupe that feels just as soft and luxe was the way to go for me!

Gucci Round Sunglasses Vs. Fashion Sunglasses L’AVEUGLE PAR AMOUR

Price: $695.00 Price: $9.99
Shop Now: Gucci Shop Now: Amazon


Designer Sunglasses are a huge status symbol for a lot of people, but I am way too worried I will lose or break them! Here we have the same look that won’t devastate your wallet if they go missing.


Designer Bags

Gucci Marmont Shoulder Bag Vs. Lola Mae Design Shoulder Purse

Price: $1,290.00 Price: $19.99
Shop Now: Gucci Shop Now: Amazon


I love the simplicity of Gucci bags, but I don’t have that kind of cash! I found a very cute similar bag to dupe the look. This bag doesn’t have the double G that Gucci is known for, but I also find Gucci to be one of the most scammed brands so I felt better posting a similar bag without any logos to try and fool anyone.

Chanel Backpack Vs. Women Quilted Hobo Backpack

Price: $3,600.00 Price: $34.95
Shop Now: Chanel Shop Now: Amazon


This backpack is honestly so cute regardless of it being a dupe! Again it is missing the Chanel logo, but I love the style of this bag so for me that matters less than the fact that it is a cute functional bag.


As I said previously, these are not exact dupes. I personally don’t want to promote the faux designer industry, but I know some of these styles are awesome and even if you don’t have a huge budget you still want to feel on point with trends and fashion! I will continue to hunt down good dupes for future posts soon.


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