6 Simple Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

6 Simple Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

6 Simple Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat (at Home)

A beautiful body not only makes you look attractive, but it also helps you to feel fit and healthy. When it comes to weight loss, cutting off those ornery fats from your belly is of course not a cakewalk! However, you can definitely do it with the help of some simple daily exercises.  Let’s take a look at the 6 easy exercises that will help you to reduce belly fat at home in a convenient way.


1. Balance Board

Balance Boards are AMAZING for strengthening your core, and tightening up that tummy appearance. They are rather inexpensive, and a small price to pay for convenience as you can use them daily in your home. I recommend the Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board. It was the perfect choice for me, and it comes in a bunch of different colors.

  • Considered as one of the best exercises to reduce belly fat without leaving home, balance boarding is a simple activity that will help you in cutting off your belly fat.
  • The exercise consists of standing with your toes and forearms flat on the floor or on a smooth surface, contracting the muscles of the abdomen.
  • If you are a beginner exerciser now, you should start slowly to increase your fitness.
  • As you begin this activity, you will feel muscle contraction and mild pain in the area, as your body needs to get used to the practice.
  • Start by doing around four sets of forty seconds each and then increase to four one-minute sets.
  • This exercise should not be left out of your routine as it stimulates the burning of belly fat and tones your body muscles.


2. Walking

Yes, walking. Staying active daily can yield amazing results for losing weight. Walk around your neighborhood, a nearby park, but just start walking. Become comfortable with your pace, and begin to increase as the days go on until you upgrade to a jog/run. Incorporate walking into your daily routine and you will feel amazingly refreshed!

  • It is one of the most effective exercises to lose belly fat at home. It is great in increasing your fitness in a short time. Often, this exercise is suitable for beginners to increase calorie burn. 
  • To do this activity, you must be in a place where you don’t have the risk of bumping into anything or slipping. It’s always ideal to wear sneakers. Then you need to simulate running, bending one leg at a time, as if you were walking.
  • Begin the exercise more slowly, and gradually increase the intensity.


3. Skipping (Jumping Rope)

I literally jump rope in my backyard every week. It as an amazing full body workout that will have your heart beating! I use the DEGOL Tangle-Free Skipping RopeIt is a great jump rope and is very inexpensive for the quality!

  • Skipping rope is an exercise that stimulates the burning of calories in a quick and effective manner.
  • By jumping rope, you contract your abdomen, tone your muscles and increase the frequency of your metabolism.
  • You can easily practice it at home on a daily basis since it a simple activity.
  • All you need to do is to get a jumping rope, go to an open space and start skipping.
  • Remember that it is extremely important to be in an environment, that allows the movement of arms and legs and the floors should not be slippery. This will help to avoid any unwanted accidents.


4. Squat

This is one of the best exercises for toning the legs and buttocks. Squats are also ideal for burning belly fat.

  • By practicing it correctly, you can improve posture, tighten and tone your abdomen muscles, and make it easier to keep everything in your body in the correct order.
  • This is an activity that requires care to avoid pain or injury. You should avoid practicing it in the wrong way at any cost! So, start with three sets of two minutes each and gradually increase it.
  • During breaks, take small leaps, straighten your legs, or do jumping jacks so you don’t lose your pace. Keep your feet in parallel, following the shoulder line and be careful to bend your knees forward, never sideways.
  • Your spine needs to be kept upright throughout the exercise, always projecting your hip back when you squat.  To make the things easy, start by doing three to four sets with fifteen squats each.
  • If you experience pain in your knees or spine, it is essential to seek medical advice.
  • If you have difficulty, you can count on the help of a broomstick or chair, positioned in front and between your legs. Always keep your arms erect and parallel to your body, which helps in balance.


5. Hip lift (Reverse Crunch)

Hip lifting is one of the simplest exercises to reduce belly fat without leaving your home. Trust me, this is an amazing movement to add to your at home workout routine and overall reduce your stomach fat. VeryWellFit has a great breakdown and step-by-step instructions to perform this exercise.

  • If you suffer from chronic back pain, please use caution when doing this exercise.
  • This may be considered an intermediate exercise movement but has great yields great results.


6. Free Cycling (Bicycle Crunch)

This is such an incredible exercise, it should really be in any stomach/ab routine. If I don’t have the time for a full workout, I sometimes will just do this in invertals to keep my abs tight.

  • The bicycle crunch movement is cycling in the air, while keeping control over the hind limbs to maintain correct posture and not end up with one leg to either side.
  • So think of this exercise as a combination of flexion and abdominal, this strengthens the muscles and speeds up the burning of calories.
  • To practice, lie on a flat surface, keep your back on the surface at all times and lift your legs, as if on a bicycle. Then simply simulate the movement of the feet. To begin with, keep your hands upright or behind your head, trying to do an abdominal. Ideally, start with two to three sets of one minute each.


All of these exercise tips for reducing belly fat at your home are the best option for setting aside excuses and getting in shape. Make sure you always do a simple stretch before starting, it is essential. This will help to avoid muscle pain and injury. Likewise, set aside time daily for activities. This will help in gradually increasing the intensity and ensuring greater fitness. By following these 6 best exercises to reduce belly fat at home, you can get back to a proper shape. You can start with ten minutes a day and increase it up to 2 hours a day for better results. Get your sneakers and clothes ready to start burning belly fat with these simple exercises at home. To increase your exercise performance, have a calm, spacious environment and consume protein before and after training to help the building and recovering of the body muscle. Practice them daily to stay fit and healthy and achieve the blessing of ever-youth!


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